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Term Paper

For those interested, you are invited to submit a type of term paper on any of the Classroom topics near the end of the Classroom series.  “A” papers will allow an opportunity on The Space Show to present and discuss your paper.  I will also help you get it published in a journal, but I cannot promise success.  Here are the requirements for the term paper:

1.  You must present the paper using AIAA conference peer review standards.  This means real footnotes/endnotes, a bibliography, etc.  No paper will be accepted unless it’s in this format.  You can find AIAA standards at http://www.writetrack.net/aiaa/documents/Manustyleformat.pdf.

2.  Your paper must represent excellent use of grammar and the English language and be written as an academic paper.

3.   It should be 12-15 pages in length at most, including bibliography and notes.

4.  An academic paper is not loaded with pictures as fillers.  Do not do this.  Tables, charts, graphs are OK.

5.  Grading will be 90-100 = A.  Only A papers receive the benefits mentioned.  As there will be three graders, your grade will be the average of the three grades.

For further information on the term paper option, please email me at drspace @ thespaceshow.com.

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