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Blog Protocols

The Space Show Classroom Blog Protocols:

1.  It is important that Space Show Classroom listeners and participants follow these protocols.  Please understand that I am one person handling the board and the broadcast equipment, the computer networks, email, chat, the toll free line, and working with the guests.  I also take notes during the programs to use for the achives and any follow up discussion.  Thus, I cannot and will not be able to monitor the blog during a live show.  All questions, comments, and feedback for The Space Show Classroom are to be sent using the regular Space Show email addresses, the “spaceshowchat” IM ScreenName, and the toll free number.  Comments posted during the live show will not be used and will be deleted when the programs are uploaded to the Classroom blog.

Other protocols include:

1. Listener calls, email, and chat questions need to be succinct and tightly focused on the current program topic.

2. Callers will be limited to one question or comment and limited to being on the line for just a few minutes. Callers will not be permitted to monopolize a segment or engage in a lengthy discussion with panel members as significant material must be covered during each program.

3.  The Classroom blog is only for Space Show Classroom programs.  It is not for use for regular Space Show programs as the guests will be visiting the blog and checking for questions, comments, and feedbacks regarding their program.  They will not be able to filter through regular Space Show program comments so the blog must remain for the use of The Classroom only.  Regular Space Show comments will be removed from the Classroom blog.  Please send regular Space Show comments to me as always at drspace@thespaceshow.com.

Remember, I run The Space Show and The Space Show Classroom alone so I need you to help make this a successful program and staying with the Protocols is crucial to the success of the program.

Thank you.

Dr. David Livingston, Host

David Livingston

The Space Show Classroom

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