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Lecture 1 February 3, 2010

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Space Show Classroom 1

Guests:  Classroom Co-hosts Dr. David Livingston, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Jim Logan.  Topics:  Introduction to The Space Show Classroom program series.  This program was the introductory lecture to The Space Show Classroom series hosted by The Space Show.  Co-hosts Dr. Jurist and Dr. Logan were with us for this initial program.  We explained why the three of us developed The Space Show Classroom, what the goals and objectives are for the program, we explained the rules of the Classroom blog, and we discussed the Classroom Syllabus.  The Classroom series consists of 22 unique programs.  The Syllabus will be posted on The Space Show Classroom Blog which is located at https://spaceshowclassroom.wordpress.com.  For the Classroom series of programs to work, please honor the rules for the Classroom discussion which are posted on the blog.  The use of the blog and staying on topic with the specific Classroom subjects is essential.  This introductory program is slightly more than one hour in length without a break.  Toward the end of our first show, Dr. Logan said this should be a learning experience and people will get out of it what they put into it. Both Dr. Jurist and I agree with this.  Near the end of the program, I explained the term paper option for those listeners interested in writing a term paper.  Your questions on the paper and the Classroom are certainly welcome.  If you have comments for us directly related to The Space Show Classroom, you can email me at drspace@thespaceshow.com.  Both Dr. Logan and Dr. Jurist can be reached at their addresses at https://spaceshowclassroom.wordpress.com/contact-us.  Again, note that for questions, comments, and feedback during a live program, you must use the toll free line, the email addresses available for all Space Show programs, or the chat ScreenName, “spaceshowchat.”



1. laurent - February 4, 2010

very glad to see this…thank you all

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